Generate a Solar Permit Package for a design using KACO blueplanet-XP10u-H4/H6

With SolarDesignTool, you can create a design from scratch and generate a full PV permit package in as little as 15 minutes.

This page contains information about the KACO blueplanet-XP10u-H4/H6 inverter. To compare this to other PV inverters, click here.

DC Electrical Properties

  • Maximum Input Current 23A
  • Start Voltage 250V
  • Max DC Input Voltage 600V
  • Peak Power Tracking Voltage 280V - 550V
  • Number of MPPTs 1
  • Operating Voltage Range 200V - 550V
  • Polarity of Ground Floating
  • DC Disconnect Yes
  • DC Terminal Quantity 4
  • Includes Fuses for String Inputs No
  • Max Rating for String Fuses 35A
  • Rating of Included String Fuses not applicable
  • DC Input Wire Gauge Range 14 AWG – 8 AWG
  • Integrated DC Arc Fault Protection No

AC Electrical Properties

  • Rated Power Output 10000W
  • Compatible Utility Voltages 480V, 600V
  • Peak Efficiency 97.4%
  • Weighted Efficiency 97%
  • Maximum Output Current 12.1A (480V)
    9.7A (600V)
  • Max OCPD rating data not available
  • AC Disconnect No
  • AC Input Wire Gauge Range 18 AWG – 4 AWG
  • Sleep Consumption 1.5W
  • Maximum DC-AC Ratio data not available
  • Standby Consumption 0W

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Height 27.2in (690mm)
  • Width 16.5in (420mm)
  • Depth 7.9in (200mm)
  • Weight 88.2lb (40kg)
  • NEMA Enclosure Rating NEMA 4
  • Cooling Method Forced Air

Environmental Constraints

  • Ambient Temperature Range -418°F - 140°F (-250°C - 60°C)

Warranties and Compliances

  • Compliances UL 1741, IEEE 1547
  • CSI Listed Yes

This web page is not the manufacturer's official data sheet and is not endorsed by the manufacturer in any way. For an official data sheet, please go to KACO's website.